Putting Tech's Visual Identity to Work


Rachael Pocklington
Communications Manager, Student Affairs

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As summer approaches and most of us are busy preparing for FASET and/or planning for the upcoming fall semester, it is a great time to put Tech's visual identity guidelines to work.

As summer quickly approaches and most of us are busy preparing for FASET and/or planning for the upcoming fall semester, it is an ideal time to put Tech's visual identity guidelines to work. Over the next couple of months, we have quite a unique opportunity to present our programs in a cohesive and branded manner to more than 5,500 new students and family members. That equates to a lot of fresh, impressionable eyes on our programs - let's make the most of it!

As a reminder, all departments are required to adhere to the visual identity standards that were released in fall 2011. Click here to download a PDF of the official reference guide. And while most of us received training, it is easy to forget the basics if you don't use them everyday.

Here a some helpful tips to remember as you move forward with your collateral plans:

  1. The Institute logo has changed - please ensure you are using the right one. Sounds basic but the changes are intentionally subtle so it is easy to use the wrong one. All departments received disks of the newest logo in just about every imaginable color combination and file format. Use these logos on presentations, brochures, fliers, promotional items, etc. As a reminder, only the Office of the President is permitted to use the President's seal. If you have questions or need a second set of eyes, contact Rachael Pocklington
  2. While the colors have not changed per se, they are being enforced. The official school colors are white and gold. Buzz gold (yellow) and navy are the official accent colors. When we represent Georgia Tech, we need to be sure we do it correctly - color is an easy tool to help make this connection.
  3. Spirit Marks (i.e. the Buzz and the GT) - use these appropriately and sparingly. The Buzz with accompanying interlocking GT is no longer permitted. Never use a spirit mark in conjunction with a logo.
  4. Reference your department's connection to the Division of Student Affairs. This does not need to be overt, but all departments need to reference their association with the Division of Student Affairs - it helps connect the dots between the individual departments and the Division as a whole. This association also helps "define" what the Division "does" for our audiences.

Branding is not always a black and white situation, and we realize that sometimes there are exceptions to the rules. However, any deviation from the official visual guidelines must be approved in writing prior to implementation. If you have a situation that needs special consideration and/or need help understanding how to put these guidelines to work for your department, please contact Rachael Pocklington.

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