Summer Flex Hours and Dress Policy


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Director Finance and Operations - VPSA
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Information on summer flex hours and the VPSA summer dress policy

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Summer is almost here and that means the opportunity for flexible work schedules and more casual attire.  The following information will help you understand how best to leverage these policies designed to make the most of summer at Tech.

Flexible Work Schedules

You will have the option to flex your summer schedule for different times including the options of:

  • Arriving earlier/later than normal but working 8 hours per day with at least 1/2 lunch, 4 ten hour days.
  • 9 days, 9 hours a day with a day off every other week (9-9s).

This will start the week of May 7th and end by August 10th at the latest. Some departments may end their summer hours on August 3rd. It is left up to the Directors to decide which date you end.

You must fill out the Flexible Working Arrangement Form found at this link:

Flexible Working Arrangement

It must include your signature, your supervisor's signature, the director's signature and must be forwarded to Betsey Kidwell for Dr. Schafer's review and the required signatures.

Please be aware of the following when creating your schedule:

  • All offices must be covered from 8-5, M-F during the week.
  • If working 10 hours or 9-9s you must take a lunch hour (at least 1/2 hour).
  • Hourly employees will not be able to do a 9-9s work week, as this will place them into overtime. (They can flex their start and end times as well as opt for the 10 hour day.)
  • If you are sick or take vacation during this time you will have to use 10 hours of vacation/sick if working 10 hour days or 9 if working 9-9s. If working a week with a holiday - holiday pay is only 8 hours per day, so you will have to make up your time accordingly (2 hours or 1 hour depending on which schedule you work) during that week.


Summer Dress Policy

VPSA Summer Dress Policy starts Monday, 5/7 and ends Friday, August 10th.

Below is the link to OHR Summer Dress Policy:

OHR Summer Dress Policy

As a reminder the following OHR policy was amended by VPSA to include:

  • No jeans, Monday through Thursday (unless doing specific work that requires it). Jeans may not be sloppy (such as tattered).
  • No shorts - this includes Bermudas. Exceptions are when doing work that requires shorts, as well as the day of the division picnic.
  • Capris are okay.
  • No spaghetti strap or similar tops.
  • T-shirts that promote current Tech programs are okay on Fridays, but other graphic t-shirts are not allowed.
  • In addition, if you are giving a presentation or meeting with parents on a Friday, it is suggested that you wear business casual or business.

If you have any questions, please contact Betsey Kidwell.

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