Listening Machines 2012

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    • Wednesday April 18, 2012
      12:00 am - 2:00 am
  • Location: DramaTech, in the back of the Ferst Center for the Arts, Atlanta, GA
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Gil Weinberg


Summary Sentence: Bringing Music Technology Innovations to Ensemble Performance – A collaboration between Georgia Tech Music Technology Students, Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra, and Choir.

Full Summary: Bringing Music Technology Innovations to Ensemble Performance  – A collaboration between Georgia Tech Music Technology Students, Percussion Ensemble, Orchestra, and Choir. 

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Listening Machines 2012
Tuesday 17 April, 8:00pm
Drama Tech, Georgia Tech – FREE ADMISSION

Bringing Music Technology Innovation to Ensemble Performance

echobo : audience participation piece
Sang Won Lee(echobo), Yonatan Sasson(Clarinet) , You(echobo)

Echobo is an interactive music piece where audience participates in the music performance using their mobile phones. In Echobo, audience collaborate with musicians, playing a musical instrument available in iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Please bring any iOS device that you have and participate in the performance!

Heat of the Day
Mason Bretan, Yingjia Liu, Nathan Weitzner

Heat of the Day is a piece by jazz guitarist Pat Metheny. In this arrangement a combination of melodic and rhythmic percussion instruments are played by humans and mechanical devices respectively. Our setup alludes to Metheny's own mechanical ensemble, Orchestrion, which uses solenoids to musically layer several percussive sounds. Though much of the piece is precomposed there are sections in which the software takes advantage of listening techniques and stochastic processes for improvisatory purposes.

SMASH (Sonic Mosaicing mASHups)
Scott McCoid, Gregoire Tronel, Luke Heerman, Weibin Shen, Brad Short, Neeraj Vaidya

SMASH is a piece that takes everyday surfaces such as chairs, tables, and flower pots are repurposed as electroacoustic percussive surfaces. Six hand-drumming percussionists will generate an array of electronically synthesized sounds by employing a realtime computer analysis of the surface vibrations. The end result is an exciting exploration of the connection between acoustic physical surfaces and electronic synthesis.

Yanling Chen, Yonatan Sasson, Sisi Sun

In N400, a concerto for orchestra composed by Gil Weinberg, we offer a unique collaboration between the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra and Shimon, our marimba-playing robot. Shimon will listen to, improvise, and play along with the orchestra, while responding to gestures directed at him by the conductor. This is Shimon's debut performance with a symphony orchestra.

Music Slave
Jason Clark, Anosh Daruwalla, Sang Won Lee, Sidharth Subramanian

Music Slave is an interactive and networked music piece performed by a distributed choir group and an instrument ensemble. The instrumentalists do not make any noise, but rather distribute musical notes to each member of the choir via a mobile network so the choir can sing the notes heard. As opposed to the notion of a traditional choir, who stand together on stage facing the audience, Music Slave lets each choir member sing anywhere in an open performance space and wander among the audience.

Ruofeng Chen, Frederick Leighton, Jimmy O’ Neill, Ajay Srinivasamurthy

GrOOveID is a real-time groove recognizer, predictor and a visualizer for percussion ensembles. Through a MIDI interface, it listens to the grooves played by the ensemble and recognizes them. This information drives dynamic visualizations for the grooves being played. As the performance progresses, GrOOveID also analyzes and understands the drummers to predict the grooves that would probably be played next.

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