<![CDATA[Professor Ross on Atlanta's traffic identity]]> 27820 What defines Atlanta, exactly? Do we have a unique identity?" - Professor Catherine Ross was interviewed by WABE reporter Jim Burress about Atlanta’s traffic identity. The story was on air three times on Monday, September 28 on WABE. Here is a link to the entire WABE story: 


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<![CDATA[MARTA station projects will lift communities, says Amanda Rhein (MCRP '04)]]> 28044 In a recent op-ed for the AJC, SCaRP alumna Amanda Rhein (MCRP '04), discusses new transit-oriented development projects in Chamblee and Brookhaven. "Once built, they will improve the transportation and quality-of-life experience for these communities." she says. "Situated on busy commercial and residential corridors, these transit-oriented developments (TODs) should improve vehicle flow and make it safer and more convenient to walk, bike and use public transit."

Rhein is the Senior Director of Transit Oriented Development and Real Estate at MARTA. Along with the projects in Brookhaven and Chamblee, she is leading MARTA TOD projects in Oakland City and other communities south of I-20.

"Where disconnected developments consumed time, taxed our infrastructure and reduced our quality of life, equitable TOD builds community, promotes inclusion and strengthens the fabric of the region," says Rhein. "With seven TOD projects under way and even more private-sector development near our transit stations, MARTA is helping to ignite a community-driven, 21st century approach to creating unique regional destinations in a growing metropolis."

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<![CDATA[Professor Ross underscores state’s role in furthering regional cooperation]]> 28044 In a recent op-ed for the AJC, Harry West Professor of City and Regional Planning Catherine Ross, who directs the Georgia Tech College of Architecture's Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, discusses the importance of the state in continued regional cooperation to facilitate improved and expanded transit. "The state sets planning requirements, builds and manages many major roads that connect our region, and can change political boundaries," she writes. "The state establishes the rules that either incentivize or dis-incentivize regional cooperation." 

Ross outlines several milestones that, in part, were initiated because of efforts on the state level. She empasizes the need for continued action within the Legislature and state agencies for biding the region together.

"Since the political environment at the state and local levels will dictate the viability of regionalism in metro Atlanta, we need to engage with it. Letting your city, county, and state officials know that the strength of the entire region matters can help make it a priority. Otherwise, local and state issues can easily eclipse our regional health."

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<![CDATA[Professor Ross discusses benefits of transit access for housing affordability]]> 27820 "In many cities, transit enters a neighborhood, and housing prices rise," writes Dr. Catherine Ross, Director of the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development and professor of city and regional planning at Gerogia Tech. "These rising prices are encouraging because they demonstrate that transit is providing a service that people want—a service that they’re voting for with their feet and their pocketbooks. But while price increases help property owners and schools, they typically aren’t helpful to renters and low-income residents," she continues. "Living near transit saves on transportation costs so that money can be used for housing."


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<![CDATA[Reed predicts regional transit effort in 2015]]> 28044 Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed predicts another run at a regional transit effort sometime next year, saying leaders shouldn’t be discouraged by the 2012 failed T-SPLOST referendum. Reed said Atlanta is thriving with an influx of millennials and baby boomers, adding that businesses are following the migration into the heart of the city. He anticipates this growth will lead to what he called mega-regions. He says, “When we look at the country, we’ll be looking at which regions dominate, and how those regions perform, and that’s going to be driven by cities."

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<![CDATA[Prof. Ross weighs in on Clayton County MARTA vote]]> 28044 Clayton County is set to vote on Tuesday whether or not MARTA should be extended into their county. Supporters say, if the vote passes, Clayton residents will get not only bus service and eventually rail, but they potentially could change decades of regional economic imbalance and plant the seeds of prosperity. Opponents argue that a yes vote could mean more taxes and crime, without any guarantee that the millions coming from Clayton County will be spent in Clayton. “This is a huge deal,” said Catherine Ross, director of the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development at Georgia Tech. She is also deputy director of the National Center for Transportation Productivity and Management. “Joining MARTA could be a catalyst for development and redevelopment in Clayton County,” Ross said. “It’ll make people want to live there, move businesses there, shop and work there. That’s all economic development. What Clayton is doing is positioning itself to not only connect both north and south metro Atlanta but become a rail conduit for metro Atlanta’s link to Macon.”

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<![CDATA[Prof. Catherine Ross calls for mobility options in Atlanta's Northwest]]> 27215 It is impossible to ignore the kaleidoscope growth occurring on the north side of Metropolitan Atlanta in particular between I-75 and Interstate 85 along the Interstate 285 corridor.  Recent additions including the location of the new Braves Stadium, the State Farm development, the redevelopment of the General Motors Doraville plant and even redevelopment for Roswell Road all signal the explosive growth that characterizes the Northside phenomenon.  Included, of course, is the highly congested Interstate 285 corridor with the densest concentration of jobs located at Perimeter Center.  This area makes it abundantly clear that where you choose to live affects how you travel and your travel experience.  Perhaps as importantly the north side demonstrates that we are also choosing a travel experience that is equally important when we decide where we will shop, work and play.  

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<![CDATA[Assoc. prof. Botchwey's Health Impact Assessment class presents draft plan for North Birmingham revitalization]]> 27714 The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham has been hired to create a framework plan for North Birmingham redevelopment. Before the commission drafts a plan, they are looking to graduate students from Georgia Tech's School City and Regional Planning. Students in associate professor Nisha Botchwey's Health Impact Assessment (HIA) course presented a draft HIA to members of the North Birmingham Coalition, the Regional Planning Commission, and Birmingham City Councilman William Parker. The students recommendations include down-zoning in areas around industrial facilities, community specific shuttles services for better access to health care, workforce development programs, and a free space plan to help separate industry from residential areas. The final version of the HIA is expected to be complete by summer.

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<![CDATA[High-speed rail discussion revived says Professor Ross]]> 27714 While several proposals for high-speed rail out of Atlanta have been shelved in recent history, the Obama administration's launch of a high-speed rail corridor study has renewed interest along the eastern seaboard. “There’s no doubt it has raised the consciousness and the amount of discussion that we are currently seeing around high-speed rail," said Catherine Ross, a professor at Georgia Tech's School of City and Regional Planning. "There’s no doubt about it. It was dead in the water before his initiative.”

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<![CDATA[Professor Ross urges action on Atlanta's aging assests]]> 27714 As the City of Atlanta defers maintenance on the aging Underground, Civic Center, and Cyclorama, thought leaders in the region urge action. “I would like to see (the city) running as fast as we can," said Professor Catherine Ross of Georgia Tech’s National Center for Transportation Productivity and Management.

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<![CDATA[Paying for infrastructure requires better marketing says Professor Ross]]> 27714 Catherine Ross, Director of the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development at George Tech, believes officials must improve marketing techniques in order to convince Americans to pay for valuable infrastructure improvements.

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<![CDATA[Professor Catherine Ross weighs in on urban innovations]]> 27714 One of fourteen thought leaders asked to anticipate the coming year's biggest urban issue, Professor Ross wrote, "2013 presents the opportunity for planners to integrate innovation, so often talked about in our profession, into practice." She holds that adapting policies to keep up with new technology provides a significant opportunity to create better places to live.

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<![CDATA[Beltline "father" Gravel (MCP, M.Arch 1998) sees positives despite TSPLOST defeat]]> 27213 The man who dreamed up the Atlanta Beltline is able to see a silver lining in voters’ July 31 defeat of a tax that would have pumped $600 million into the project. “We started a regionwide discussion about how important transportation is,” says Ryan Gravel. “Before, we didn’t have that.” As a Georgia Tech graduate student in 1999, Gravel became the first to imagine the Beltline, a proposed 22-mile ring of parks, paths and transit around downtown Atlanta, making it his master’s thesis. Now almost 40, Gravel is an architect with the firm Perkins+Will.

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<![CDATA[Baruch Feigenbaum (MCRP '10), Colleen Kiernan (MCRP '08), Prof. Catherine Ross and Prof. Harry West discuss TSPLOST alternatives]]> 27215 Catherine Ross, a transportation planner on the faculty at Georgia Tech, is more hopeful that other options will emerge if the referendum fails, that a deepening transportation crisis will yet spark regional unity. She agrees, however, that the immediate future would look bleak: "Our reality will be different...people will pack up and vote with their feet," Ross said. Emeritus Professor Harry West and MCRP alumni Baruch Feigenbaum ('10) and Colleen Kiernan ('08) are also included in the conversation.

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<![CDATA[America's unrequited love of the open road: Prof Catherine Ross on willingness to pay for roads]]> 27215 Ross said that we've relied on the legacy of Roosevelt and Eisenhower for about as long as we possibly can. Whether it's in tolls, taxes or crumblng roads, pretty soon we'll all have to pay the price. "To those who say 'I've already paid for this," my answer is, "Sometimes you have to pay to keep what you have,'" said Ross. "It started off in good repair, it was brand new. That is no longer the case."

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<![CDATA[Dobbins on Transportation Investment Act: Are we spending money on yesterday’s problems?]]> 27213 Teri Nagel 1 1317810080 2011-10-05 10:21:20 1475893506 2016-10-08 02:25:06 0 0 hgTechInTheNews 2011-10-05T00:00:00-04:00 2011-10-05T00:00:00-04:00 2011-10-05T00:00:00-04:00 <![CDATA[Ellen Dunham-Jones presents Retrofitting Suburbia in Ted Talks]]> 27293 Joanie Chembars 1 1310567957 2011-07-13 14:39:17 1475893499 2016-10-08 02:24:59 0 0 hgTechInTheNews 2010-06-29T00:00:00-04:00 2010-06-29T00:00:00-04:00 2010-06-29T00:00:00-04:00 <![CDATA[A not so suburban suburbia: Ellen Dunham Jones speaks about incorporating the urban into suburban]]> 27215 As Georgia Tech’s Ellen Dunham-Jones shows, there is a growing trend in the U.S. to retrofit suburbia in ways that incorporate what people like about more traditional urban settings. A panel featuring Dunham-Jones, Emil Frankel of the Bipartisan Policy Institute, Geoff Anderson of Smart Growth America, and Amy Fraenkel of the United Nations Environment Programme pointed out some surprising characteristics of the modern American suburb.

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<![CDATA[The Incredible Shrinking City: Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones asks if shrinkage is the new normal]]> 27800 In recognizing shrinkage as the new normal we not only prepare for the end of cheap oil by better managing our metropolitan fringes, but also boost opportunities for improved quality of life in existing communities and encourage the retrofitting of our most auto-dependent suburban properties into more healthy and sustaining places.

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<![CDATA[TED: Ideas worth spreading]]> 27213 TED Global features Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones' TEDx talk on "retrofitting suburbs" after the talk became a YouTube sensation. According to TED, Dunham-Jones takes "an unblinking look at our underperforming suburbs -- and proposes plans for making them livable and sustainable."

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<![CDATA[Loss of industrial land has Atlanta in a bind]]> 27213 City and regional planning professor Nancey Green Leigh recently directed a studio course focusing on industrial preservation and its impact on the City of Atlanta.

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<![CDATA[Dear Mayor Reed: Former Planning commissioners share ideas]]> 27213 The Student Planning Association hosted “Dear Mayor Reed,” panel event had designed to deliver a message to newly-elected Mayor Kasim Reed — good planning should be an integral part of his administration.

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<![CDATA[Considering Short Sales]]> 27213 Associate professor of city and regional planning Dan Immergluck’s report, co-authored with Geoff Smith of the Woodstock Institute in Chicago, underscores negative effects of foreclosures on neighborhoods.

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<![CDATA[Q and A: Dr. Catherine Ross, Director of Georgia Tech's Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development]]> 27213 Catherine Ross explains how megaregions affect the environment, and potential solutions to their many problems.

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<![CDATA[What's the Big Idea?]]> 27213 Dr. Catherine Ross, Harry West Professor and director of the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, talks frankly about the city on the cusp of a new decade and a new mayor.

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<![CDATA[MARTA lightning strike worst one in 30 years]]> 27213 Dr. Catherine Ross, Harry West Professor and director of the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development, comments on Atlanta’s citywide rail system.

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<![CDATA[Professor Ross comments on the strengths of Charlotte's redevelopment plan]]> 28044 "That is one great advantage Atlanta has - the airport and the rail line to the airport," says Catherine Ross, professor in the Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning. "But a focus on redevelopment in Charlotte is tied to (their) success. We are having to catch up, there is no doubt about that." Charlotte's downtown - which they for some reason, they call Uptown - is emblematic of the city's recipt for success: plan growth and stick to the plan, while focusing on the center cuty to create an inviting, cohesive core. That recipe helped Charlotte weather the recession and recover faster than metro Atlanta, in the process becoming a legitimate contender for regional heavyweight status.


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