D&I Workshop: Brave Dialogues - February 1, 2023 (VIRTUAL)

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To better align with Georgia Tech's Strategic Plan for Diversity Equity and Inclusion, IDEI will be offering implicit bias workshops throughout the year for staff, as well as other academic and research faculty. These workshops will focus on bias in workplace dynamics, as well as processes like searches, hiring, and promotion. 


Implicit Bias for Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty

The ADVANCE-IDEI Implicit Bias Workshops for faculty aim to increase awareness of the impact of implicit bias and facilitate equitable decision-making across various processes related to faculty evaluations.

Implicit Bias and Search Committees

This 90-minute workshop is geared toward research faculty, instructional faculty, academic professionals, and other staff members serving on search, hiring, and promotion committees. These workshops aim to increase awareness of the impact of implicit bias, understand the impacts bias can have on hiring, and learn strategies to mitigate bias.


Implicit Bias and Workplace Dynamics

This 90-minute workshop is geared toward staff, research faculty, instructional faculty, academic professionals, and other members of the GT community to learn more about how implicit bias impacts workplace dynamics, such as performance reviews, office tasks, and an inclusive environment.


Addressing Microaggressions

This 90-minute workshop is open to faculty, staff, and students to learn about microaggressions and strategies to address them. These workshops aim to increase awareness of the impact of microaggressions and enhance interpersonal dialogue skills to address microaggressions.


Brave Dialogues

This 90-minute workshop introduces participants to Intergroup Dialogue and the Brave Spaces framework. Participants will learn more abou multipartial facilitation strategies an way to create dialogue across differences. 


For the Greater Good 

This 90-minute workshop creates a space for participants to reflect on their social identities and the intersection of identities. Participants will leave with an understanding of the terms Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Georgia Tech's strategic priorities. 


Register for workshop(s) HERE.


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