SC&L SEMINAR SERIES :: Strategic Planning Problems in Fractional Aircraft Ownership Operations

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In the fractional ownership model, the owner of a share of an aircraft is entitled to a certain number of hours per year and the management company is responsible for all the operational considerations of the aircrafts and for making an aircraft available for the owner at the requested time and place.

To minimize its operating costs, the management company must optimally schedule its available resources to serve all customer demand. In this paper, we analyze several issues important in strategic planning, including the effects of different crew-swapping schedules, demand expansion models, and number of core planes owned by the company. Our analysis requires a solution methodology that takes details in real world situations into consideration. Specifically, our scheduling approach considers: crew transportation and overtime costs, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance effects, crew rules, and the presence of non-crew-compatible fleets.

Computations performed on actual and random data sets show that our algorithm is efficient when compared to other state-of-the-art algorithms.


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