SC&L Seminar Series :: Single and Multi-floor Facility Layout Problem Based on Meta-heuristics Algorithm

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Both single-floor and multi-floor facility layout problems are discussed in this presentation.

As the single-floor layout problem, simultaneous design of block and detailed layout based on location matrix is presented. The facility layout problem, as presented in the research literature and textbooks, is a two-stage process. In the first stage, the block layout, which specifies the relative location of departments, is produced. In the second stage, the detailed layout, which adds material handling aisles and Input/Output station in the department, is determined. However, one problem with the two-stage approach is that some of the information needed in the first stage can only be derived once the second stage is solved. In order to overcome this problem, a new layout expression based on revised location matrix and some heuristics are proposed for the simultaneous design of block layout and detailed layout. The objective here is to minimize material handling cost. The material movements assume that they are transferred along the shortest distance aisle between the Input/Output locations of those departments.

As the multi-floor layout problem, a new layout model to consider initial cost and running cost simultaneously is presented. Numerous papers of facility layout problem have been published, and most of their objective functions are minimization of the running cost, namely the material handling cost between departments. They ignore the initial cost, such as land and construction costs, because they regarded those factories as permanent facilities. However, initial cost has a decisive impact on factory construction projects, because the life of factories has become shorter as the useful life of products decreases due to the rapid advancement of technology. Manufacturers try to remain competitive by lowering the initial cost of factory building projects. In this multi-floor model, the construction cost is introduced and that is varied in accordance with the location of departments in multi-storied facilities. Together with the conventional material handling cost between departments, multi-objective combinatorial optimization problem is solved with Genetic Algorithm based approach to find Pareto optimal solutions for this new layout model.

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