GTBN presents Transforming Your Companys Sales and Marketing DNA: Responding to todays business environment

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Great companies understand why problems exist and follow a systemic approach to addressing the real causes. By doing this, companies transform their DNA and enjoy sustainable revenue growth in a global economy. Our panel of experts will offer compelling insight regarding sales, marketing, communication, and strategic thinking. Join us for this exciting program as we explore:

Alignment:  Aligning marketing and sales functions to support and integrate a solution-oriented approach boosts potential to improve revenue. A successful organization is aligned to consistently address customer problems and needs better than its competitor. 

Commoditization and Globalization:  Competition continues to intensify and challenge sustained growth. The rapid emergence of the global economy has accelerated the commoditization path. Companies struggle to differentiate their offerings among increased competition.

Panelists and speakers for this event include:

  1. Nick Lurie, Marketing Professor, Georgia Tech (Moderator)
  2. Bob Sanchez, President and CEO, Sales Performance International
  3. Maryanne Hancock,  CRM Director, McKinsey
  4. Jim Dickie, President, CSO Insights
  5. Phil Regnault, VP CRM Alliances, Oracle Corporation
  6. Alison Hague, Sales Training Manager

Join GTBN as we explore the following questions and more with our exceptional panel:

Is your revenue performance consistently above expectations?

Does your sales force know how to position value and use your marketing messages correctly and consistently?

Are your value messages reaching customers through the sales force?

Are you truly a problem-solving organization?

Can you address your customers’ needs better than your competitors?

Please click on the following a link to download a copy of the press release containing additional details about the event (MS Word format):

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