Physics Regents' Professor Uzi Landman

Physics Regents' Professor Uzi Landman

For a week, 900 processors ran parallel to calculate possible flight patterns of pairs of quantum particles called fermions for a new theoretical physics study on ultracold matter. Principal investigator Uzi Landman, is Regents’ and Institute Professor and F.E. Callaway Endowed Chair in Georgia Tech’s School of Physics. Here, he stands between racks of computers at a Georgia Tech computer farm. To arrive at their final calculations, the team employed roughly the same amount of computing power for nearly four months. Credit: Georgia Tech / Allison Carter

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ultracold, cold matter, fermions, Bosons, photons, Higgs, light, matter, computational quantum physics, quantum, particle spin, particle-wave duality, full-integer spin, half-integer spin, momentum correlations, Houng-Ou-Mandel, double-well-trapped, Hubbard, Hamiltonian, fundamental symmetries, bunching, antibunching, interaction dependent interference patterns
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