People's Republic of North Korea Nuclear Announcement

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  • Publication: Al Jazeera
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  • Dateline: Saturday April 21, 2018
  • Margaret Kosal Margaret Kosal

Margaret Kosal, associate professor in the Nunn School, was interview by Al Jazeera International on the implications of the recent diplomatic announcement by Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea related to their nuclear and missile capabilities.


Al Jazeera: Does it really matter to stop testing nuclear missiles after testing 9 missiles?

Kosal: Yes and no.

Al Jazeera: Is there anything about technology that we can talk about that?

Kosal: Wrt to recent developments, not in a meaningful manner.

Al Jazeera: About upcoming summit, does it come with a surprise, North Korea can easily reverse course?

Kosal: Which summit? Surprise is always a possibility. In any negotiation much of the work is in the details. Details that are done by those at a level below cabinet secretary (or Minister). That's why having UnderSecretaries and below in position is important. And importance of civil servants with deep knowledge.


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Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy (CISTP), Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

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