Diversity Dialogue Series: The Blind Side

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    • Thursday September 22, 2016 - Friday September 23, 2016
      7:00 pm - 9:59 pm
  • Location: Ch 2.3
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Summary Sentence: Diversity Dialogue Series presents: The Blind Side - Thursday, September 22 at 7pm on GTCN Ch 2.3

Full Summary: Diversity Dialogue Series presents: The Blind Side - Thursday, September 22 at 7pm on GTCN Ch 2.3

You’re changing that boy’s life” said Leigh Ann’s friend. “No, he’s changing mine” said Leigh Ann

This movie is based on the true story of Michael Oher, offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens.  As a homeless teenager, Michael was invited into the lives and hearts of the Tuohy family and had his life completely changed forever. 


Starting the Discussion:

  • Why do you think this movie is called “The Blind Side”?
  • Beyond the help of the Tuohy family, what do you think was the difference between Michael Oher and his friends in Hurt village (i.e. Dave)?  What may have prevented them from finding a way out?
  • Would you be willing to take in a complete stranger as the Tuohys did with Michael Oher?  What are the rewards of helping someone in that way?  What could be the challenges?
  • Did you have a teacher who believed in you more than you believed in yourself?  Tell us about that teacher and what he/she did to push and inspire you.  How can you inspire others in your life?  
  • Did you ever have a teacher or person in your life who you felt was holding you back?  Why do you think one of Michael’s teachers was unwilling to just pass him in order for him to get a football scholarship?  Would you have passed him without him earning the grade?  What was the impact of many of Michael’s teachers passing him along in school when he did not complete the work?

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