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2015 Spring College of Computing Career Fair Event Published Mon, Jan 12, 2015 - 10:51am Birney Robert
Celebrating the Science of Mike Stilman Event Published Mon, Aug 25, 2014 - 7:03am Nina Norris
GVU Center Brown Bag: Dhanaraj Thakur — Finding the Sweet Spot: Working At The Intersection Between Research and Technology Policy Event Published Thu, Feb 24, 2022 - 2:08pm Dorie Taylor
GVU Center Brown Bag: Gabriela Marcu — Designing for Coordination and Intervention in Behavioral Health Event Published Tue, Mar 30, 2021 - 3:27pm Dorie Taylor
2013 UROC Job Fair Event Published Thu, Aug 15, 2013 - 7:51am Derek Moon
IC Faculty Candidate Talk - Yonatan Bisk, University of Washington Event Published Wed, Mar 6, 2019 - 2:15pm David Mitchell
CSE Seminar: Leonid Bunimovich, Regents' Professor of Mathematics Event Published Fri, Nov 2, 2012 - 7:47am Lometa Mitchell
IDEaS Distinguished Lecture 2019 Event Published Fri, Oct 25, 2019 - 12:04pm Josie Giles
IRIM Robotics Seminar–Devi Parikh Event Published Mon, Nov 16, 2015 - 8:26am Josie Giles
Ph.D. Defense of Dissertation: Sarita Yardi Event Published Fri, May 4, 2012 - 5:37am Jupiter
Ph.D. Thesis Proposal: Topraj Gurung Event Published Fri, Mar 23, 2012 - 4:58am Jupiter
OMG It’s Mid-Terms Event Published Thu, May 18, 2017 - 4:14pm Alicia Palmquist
Fall 2017 Dean's New Undergraduate Alumni Celebration Event Published Wed, Nov 8, 2017 - 5:05pm Birney Robert
GVU Center Brown Bag: Blair MacIntyre, "WebXR and the Immersive Web: Past, Present and Future" Event Published Thu, Nov 15, 2018 - 9:51am Dorie Taylor
Cybersecurity Lecture Series - Apr. 8 Event Published Tue, Mar 15, 2016 - 1:09pm Tara La Bouff
IRIM Robotics Seminar–Dieter Fox Event Published Fri, Sep 2, 2016 - 10:40am Josie Giles
IRIM Robotics Seminar–Seth Hutchinson Event Published Fri, Sep 4, 2015 - 1:03pm Josie Giles
GVU Brown Bag: Jim Rehg Event Published Tue, Nov 2, 2010 - 5:49am Renata Le Dantec
Citi Technology Leadership Program Day on Campus Event Published Wed, Oct 4, 2017 - 10:51am Alicia Palmquist
ML@GT Presents Using Machine Learning to Respond to Covid-19 Event Published Fri, Jun 5, 2020 - 1:43pm ablinder6


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Heimerl Photo 2021 Image Thursday, February 18, 2021 - 2:39pm Dorie Taylor
Georgia Tech Professor Beki Grinter has been named the Georgia Tech College of Computing’s Associate Dean for Faculty Development Georgia Tech Professor Beki Grinter Image Friday, December 1, 2017 - 1:01pm Ben Snedeker
Jeff Nichols Photo Image Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 9:41am Dorie Taylor
Rena Youngblood Photo Image Monday, September 26, 2022 - 3:52pm Dorie Taylor
ML@GT Logo ML@GT Logo Image Friday, April 14, 2017 - 10:19am Brittany Aiello
Nathan Hatch is a second-year machine learning Ph.D. student from Fort Collins, Colorado. Image Friday, February 15, 2019 - 10:17am ablinder6
new website CoC Web Overhaul Image Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - 1:13pm Kristen Perez
Most Popular Selfie Type Image Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 10:51am Joshua Preston
Group of researchers at Learning @ Scale L@S Image Thursday, July 25, 2019 - 1:57pm Tess Malone
DiSalvo New Book Release 012022 Image Monday, January 10, 2022 - 5:49pm Dorie Taylor
2016 AP CS A female participation by state 2016 AP CS A female participation by state Image Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 10:28am Ben Snedeker
OMSCS banner OMSCS Cybersecurity Image Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 10:40am Tess Malone
LifeQ Logo Image Monday, January 25, 2021 - 11:32am Dorie Taylor
Foley Scholar 2017 Brown Bag Image Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 10:35am Dorie Taylor
Alan Ritter Alan Ritter Image Wednesday, November 27, 2019 - 9:40am ablinder6
Wong Photo 2022 Image Thursday, September 8, 2022 - 8:13am Dorie Taylor
DART certificate Image Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 4:29pm Ben Snedeker
Gosha Photo Image Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 3:58pm Dorie Taylor
Chetty Photo 2021 Image Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 8:51pm Dorie Taylor
Machine Learning at Georgia Tech and School of Interactive Computing associate professor James Hays collaborated with researchers from TU Berlin and Universität Regensburg to create new eye-tracking software. Image Friday, April 12, 2019 - 10:35am ablinder6