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Call for Abstracts: 2023 Exploration and Origins Colloquium News Draft Tue, Jan 10, 2023 - 1:20pm sthompson318
Scientists Make First Detection of Neutron Star Collision News Published Mon, Oct 16, 2017 - 10:00am Jason Maderer
Nature Astronomy: Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Cover Story Is a Guide for Discovering Medium-sized Black Holes News Published Mon, Mar 23, 2020 - 2:28pm jhunt7
Chemotherapy and Cancer Gang up to Cause a Neurological Side Effect, Study Says News Published Mon, Jun 8, 2020 - 6:12pm Ben Brumfield
Jeffrey Skolnick: 2018 Sigma Xi Sustained Research Award News Published Thu, Mar 29, 2018 - 4:56pm mrosten3
Physics of Living Systems Researcher Receives Top Honor from American Physical Society News Published Tue, Dec 8, 2020 - 9:42am Renay San Miguel
H-Index High Scorers News Published Sun, Nov 4, 2018 - 9:48pm A. Maureen Rouhi
Ratcliff and Yunker: 2019 Sigma Xi Faculty Best Paper Award News Published Tue, Apr 16, 2019 - 7:34pm A. Maureen Rouhi
Jennifer Leavey, Carrie Shepler Named Assistant Deans News Published Fri, Jul 9, 2021 - 10:01am jhunt7
5 Questions with the New IMat Advisory Team | Functional Organic Materials News Published Thu, Oct 21, 2021 - 11:17am Christa Ernst
Georgia Tech Selected as NIH Cell Characterization Hub News Published Tue, Feb 15, 2022 - 8:23am Jerry Grillo
Georgia Tech Mathematicians at the Forefront of Research with ICERM at Brown News Published Wed, Dec 21, 2022 - 2:37pm Renay San Miguel
Erupting to Applause News Published Thu, Mar 8, 2018 - 9:58am mrosten3
NOVID Exposure Notification App Enlists Smartphones in Coronavirus Battle News Published Mon, Aug 17, 2020 - 5:20pm jhunt7
Math Undergraduate Research Roundup News Published Tue, Jun 12, 2018 - 12:15pm A. Maureen Rouhi
When People Age and Memory Fails: ScienceMatters Episode 8, Starring Audrey Duarte News Published Mon, Oct 8, 2018 - 2:21pm A. Maureen Rouhi
A Unique Concentration of Postdoctoral Talent News Published Mon, Mar 18, 2019 - 11:41am A. Maureen Rouhi
Petit Institute Seed Grants Awarded to Two Interdisciplinary Teams News Published Wed, Jun 9, 2021 - 12:55pm jhunt7
Virtual Reality Helps Reveal Honeycomb Grids in Human Brain for Navigation News Published Mon, Jul 22, 2019 - 2:14pm A. Maureen Rouhi
Dynamics of The Tropical Atmosphere and Oceans: Peter Webster Tackles Wind, Weather, Warming Waters in New Textbook News Published Fri, May 8, 2020 - 9:55am Renay San Miguel


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From right: Pam Leddy, Amy Nash, Grant Vanstrom, and Betty Hawk. Image Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 11:00pm Scotty Smith
Carrie Shepler and Charles Crawford Image Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 12:43pm Matt Barr
William Ratcliff Image Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 4:03pm mrosten3
Research on the salt marsh of Sapelo Island, Georgia (Courtesy of UGA) Image Monday, September 3, 2018 - 11:34am A. Maureen Rouhi
2019 Bold Ideas in Physics Lecture Image Monday, March 4, 2019 - 10:33am A. Maureen Rouhi
Ali Berens Image Friday, June 16, 2017 - 12:40pm Renay San Miguel
Facundo Fernandez aims to illuminate the dark side of the metabolome Image Monday, July 22, 2019 - 5:48pm A. Maureen Rouhi
Sara Miller (Photo by Allison Carter) Image Monday, December 9, 2019 - 2:08pm A. Maureen Rouhi
Chemo and cancer team up for neuronal gene dysregulation Image Monday, June 8, 2020 - 6:03pm Ben Brumfield
Center for Chemical Evolution mural depicting related scientific advances (Art: Christine He/David Fialho for Georgia Tech) Image Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 4:32pm Renay San Miguel
Frances Rivera-Hernández, assistant professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Image Thursday, September 30, 2021 - 3:28pm Renay San Miguel
Ido Golding, professor of biological physics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, delivering the closing plenary lecture. Image Wednesday, June 1, 2022 - 4:19pm adavidson38
Simone Jarvis and Alexandra Towner in Moorea Image Monday, October 15, 2018 - 11:58am mrosten3
Hunter Vallejos Image Friday, April 26, 2019 - 5:50pm A. Maureen Rouhi
Peter Webster Image Friday, December 4, 2015 - 11:23am Connor Creech
Researcher looks at culture on dish Image Monday, September 9, 2019 - 2:28pm Ben Brumfield
Alonzo Whyte Image Monday, February 24, 2020 - 1:03pm kpietkiewicz3
Held this summer in a virtual format, the fourth annual workshop focused on the basics of epidemics modeling. Joshua Weitz and Pablo Bravo share thoughts on how they ran the virtual workshop — along with ideas and advice for similar events. Image Friday, July 24, 2020 - 1:47pm jhunt7
Ignacio Taboada, School of Physics professor, Center for Relativistic Astrophysics member, is incoming spokesperson for IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory. Image Monday, April 5, 2021 - 9:36am jhunt7
Georgia Tech-Lorraine Image Friday, November 19, 2021 - 11:57am adavidson38