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Physics Colloquium with Dr. Saurabh Jha Event Published Mon, Feb 27, 2012 - 10:42am Michael Hagearty
Annual Staff Town Hall Meeting Event Published Wed, Jan 7, 2015 - 7:29am Michael Hagearty
New Materials Development at the Soleil Synchrotron Event Published Wed, Sep 3, 2014 - 2:49pm Michael Hagearty
Chemistry Colloquium with Dr. Zhenan Bao Event Published Mon, Mar 14, 2011 - 8:19am Michael Hagearty
Colloquium: The 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Event Published Fri, Jan 6, 2012 - 7:10am Michael Hagearty
Virtual Town Hall for Accepted Students and Families Event Published Mon, Apr 13, 2020 - 3:19pm Michael Hagearty
Georgia Tech Letterwinners Club 12th Annual Golf Tournament Event Published Fri, Aug 15, 2014 - 7:20am Michael Hagearty
Meditation Club meeting Event Published Fri, Nov 11, 2016 - 9:22am Michael Hagearty
Badass Beauty Queen Premiere Screening Event Published Mon, Mar 12, 2018 - 9:43am Michael Hagearty
National Day of Service Event Published Tue, Nov 23, 2010 - 1:07pm Michael Hagearty
A Man for All Seasons Event Published Tue, Oct 30, 2018 - 4:35pm Michael Hagearty
Liam's Legacy Symposium: A Campus with a Social Conscience Event Published Tue, Oct 1, 2013 - 1:31pm Michael Hagearty
DramaTech Presents: "The Shape of Things" Event Published Tue, Feb 15, 2011 - 7:07am Michael Hagearty
Women's Volleyball vs. North Carolina State Event Published Tue, Oct 12, 2010 - 9:28am Michael Hagearty
The Student/Professional Continuum in IT Event Published Thu, Aug 12, 2010 - 9:58am Michael Hagearty
Adviser Training: Student Academic Summary Reporting Tool Event Published Mon, Jun 18, 2018 - 5:20pm Michael Hagearty
Course-Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS) Open from Apr. 13 Through May 3 Event Published Tue, Mar 31, 2015 - 6:46am Michael Hagearty
Pride Alliance Welcome Week General Meeting Event Published Tue, Aug 18, 2015 - 4:37am Michael Hagearty
ESPN's Approach to Analytics Event Published Mon, Apr 4, 2011 - 6:32am Michael Hagearty
Grad Movie Night Event Published Mon, Nov 14, 2016 - 2:55pm Michael Hagearty


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A flyer for SCPC's An Appreciation for Black Art in Atlanta, held Thursday, March 18 from 7:30-9 p.m. An Appreciation for Black Art in Atlanta Image Monday, March 15, 2021 - 3:31pm gwyner3
Flyer for the African Student Association's 2020 Build-A-BackPack. Spring 2020 Build-A-BackPack Image Thursday, February 6, 2020 - 1:01pm gwyner3
Flyer for the annual ACCelerate creativity + innovation festival. ACCelerate Image Friday, April 10, 2020 - 3:21pm gwyner3
Flyer for Omicron Delta Kappa's Ramble In, presented by Tiff's Treats. Ramble In Image Monday, August 17, 2020 - 1:15pm gwyner3
Logo for the Ballroom Dance Club. Ballroom Dance Club Logo Image Monday, September 28, 2020 - 1:15pm gwyner3
Flyer for the Catholic Student Organization's Saturday Movie Night. Held Aug. 22, 2020 at 8 p.m. Outdoor Movie Night Image Friday, August 21, 2020 - 2:41pm gwyner3
Logo for the GT Fitness Club. GT Fitness Club Logo Image Monday, October 19, 2020 - 1:44pm gwyner3
Flyer for India Club's Udta India Sankranti and Republic Day. Udta India Sankranti and Republic Day Image Friday, January 17, 2020 - 1:55pm gwyner3
Flyer for the International Ambassadors' Food Fest on March 30, 2020 at noon. Food Fest Image Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 1:07pm gwyner3
Event flyer for Beauty and the Ballroom on Sep. 28. Beauty and the Ballroom Image Monday, September 16, 2019 - 8:11pm gwyner3
Cartoon bees and roses on the flyer for Startup Exchange's event It's a Match! on Feb. 14, 2020. It's a Match! Image Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 1:24pm gwyner3
Flyer for SKY's Breathe Strong on June 9 at 7 p.m. Breathe Strong 6/9 Image Monday, June 8, 2020 - 1:03pm gwyner3
Minecraft Tech Tower Minecraft_Tech_Tower_1 Image Friday, April 3, 2020 - 9:20am Evan Atkinson
Minecraft Tech Tower Minecraft_Tech_Tower_2 Image Friday, April 3, 2020 - 9:21am Evan Atkinson
Minecraft Tech Tower Minecraft_Tech_Tower_3 Image Friday, April 3, 2020 - 9:21am Evan Atkinson
Image of Savannah coastline with graphic title, The Rising Tides - Savannah Smart Sea Level Sensors Graphic title, The Rising Tides - Savannah Smart Sea Level Sensors Image Monday, July 20, 2020 - 4:54pm Doug Goodwin
graphic header for 2020 President's Report with image of President Cabrera 2020 President's Report header graphic Image Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 3:00pm Doug Goodwin
Greg Huey Image Friday, December 4, 2015 - 10:51am David Terraso
Randy Engle, professor in the School of Psychology Image Friday, December 4, 2015 - 11:05am David Terraso
Max Donelan Image Friday, December 4, 2015 - 11:06am David Terraso