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A PC Is The Weapon of Choice For Serious Gamers News Louise Russo
A Peek Inside Georgia Tech’s Logistics and Surplus Facility News imaul3
A peer-mentoring experience for graduate students News Jackie Nemeth
A People’s History of Black Twitter - Parts I, II, and III External News mshepard31
A Person or a Number? Multiple Perspectives on Collecting and Using Human Subject Data Event Kristen Bailey
A personal meeting with President Obama News Jason Maderer
A Personal Reflection From Dean Charles Isbell External News ablinder6
A Personal Reflection From Dean of Computing Charles Isbell News Ben Snedeker
A person’s degree of mosquito attractiveness is determined by DNA News Nathaniel Barnwell
A Perspective on Leadership in the 21st Century Event Joshua Stewart
A Peter White Christmas with Rick Braun and Mindi Abair Event Jenna Farmer
A Photo Finish News Kristen Bailey
A Photo Finish: Where to Get the Perfect Graduation Shot News Kristen Bailey
A Photochemical Mechanism for Magnetic Sensitivity in Animals Event Shaun Ashley
A Physicist Looks at Cancer Metastasis Event Shaun Ashley
A Physicist's Search for Simplicity and Unity in Living Systems from Cells and Ecosystems to Cities and Companies Event Alison Morain
A Physics Dream Comes True in the CHAOS Lab News A. Maureen Rouhi
A Pioneer of Inclusivity and Equity at Georgia Tech Reflects on 20 Years of ADVANCEs News mpearson34
A Plan of Global Proportions News Kristen Bailey
A Pocket Guide to the Robot Revolution External News Daniel Singer