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Status update (3/28): Server stability is still on-again off-again. We had three overloads yesterday and (so far) zero today. The system is sluggish however; hoping some of this will clear up as we fix bugs. The big outstanding issue at the moment is the state of the feed managers. We fixed a major bug in the manual feed manager yesterday but there's a similar one in the automated feed manager; similar but just different enough to generate a welter of headaches.

If you have issues you want to see addressed, the Mercury issue queue is the best place to go. You can follow issues and see when we have updates or solutions. If you have an issue that is not already the queue, you can add it directly there, or fill out the support request form, or email webteam@gatech.edu.

Drupal 9+ Mercury Reader users: Eric Neville solved some issues with the reader module. Grab 2.13 asap (Composer should pick it up).

Drupal 7 Mercury Reader users: Michael Sheldon was kind enough to patch a number of issues with the Drupal 7 version of Mercury Reader which caused it to be unhappy with the new system. The new version is available here: https://github.gatech.edu/ICWebTeam/hg_reader-7.x/releases/tag/v2.20

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AE grad student Omid Nabipour reaching for the stars News Britanny Grace 07/14/2015 11:40am 10/07/2016 11:19pm
AE Gebhardt Seminar: Software Engineering Institute's Paul Nielsen Event Kathleen Moore 08/22/2016 09:42am 04/13/2017 05:15pm
AE Gebhardt Seminar: Brown University's Huajian Gao Event Kathleen Moore 08/22/2016 09:36am 04/13/2017 05:15pm
AE Gebhardt Lecture Series Presents: Boeing's Kevin Bowcutt Event Margaret Ojala 11/11/2016 01:36pm 04/13/2017 05:13pm
AE faculty, students impact AHS Internationa News Britanny Grace 07/16/2015 07:41am 10/07/2016 11:19pm
AE faculty Julian Rimoli recognized by CETL News Britanny Grace 07/21/2015 11:35am 10/07/2016 11:19pm
AE Faculty & Staff Recipients in CETL's Thank a Teacher Program News Britanny Grace 07/08/2015 09:51am 10/07/2016 11:18pm
AE educators celebrated at CETL Teaching Day News Britanny Grace 07/14/2015 12:51pm 10/07/2016 11:19pm
AE doctoral student Natalie Schloeder aces TechTalks competition News Britanny Grace 07/15/2015 10:49am 10/07/2016 11:19pm
AE Distinguished Lecture Series Event Glenda Duncan 10/24/2011 09:40am 10/07/2016 09:56pm
AE Distinguished Lecture Seminar Presents Event Glenda Duncan 11/23/2011 10:08am 10/07/2016 09:56pm
AE Distinguished Lecture Seminar presents Event Glenda Duncan 03/06/2012 12:27pm 10/07/2016 09:58pm
AE Distinguished Lecture Seminar - The McMahon Lecture Event Glenda Duncan 02/01/2012 01:41pm 10/07/2016 09:57pm
AE Distinguished Lecture Seminar - January 19, 2012 Event Glenda Duncan 12/19/2011 07:21am 10/07/2016 09:51pm
AE Distinguished Lecture - Robert J. Wood, Associate Professor Harvard Event Glenda Duncan 11/17/2011 07:13am 10/07/2016 09:56pm
AE Deploys iOS App News Britanny Grace 07/09/2015 06:37am 10/07/2016 11:18pm
AE Chair Vigor Yang elected to National Academy of Engineering News Britanny Grace 07/22/2015 06:47am 10/07/2016 11:19pm
AE Chair Dr. Vigor Yang receives Lifetime Achievement Award from JANNAF News Britanny Grace 07/16/2015 08:40am 10/07/2016 11:19pm
AE Chair Dr. Vigor Yang chosen for ASME Medal News Kathleen Moore 05/13/2014 12:38pm 10/07/2016 11:16pm
AE Chair Dr. Vigor Yang chosen for ASME Award News Britanny Grace 07/16/2015 07:37am 10/07/2016 11:19pm