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Here are a couple options that we have until Fletch finishes his upgrade thing

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Super easy: You can just put a thumbnail image of a video clip ( from YouTube, Vimeo or really any video hosted elsewhere) and link it to it's url. Of course when reader clicks the link they are taken to the video host site to view. Here is a working example of that. You can position the thumbnail using the img tags (align="left" align="right hspace="some number" vspace="some number") and have the text wrap around it


Little less easy: Same as above - just position a thumbnail image where you want in the text, but instead of linking to the video source url, zyou will link to a page I setup on the (CoS or whatever ) website on which I have embedded the video code. When the reader clicks the thumbnail it opens a popup viewer in a "Lightbox" and plays the video there. Here is an example of this technique (took a little hacking of the Hg reader Drupal module). If someone else on campus borrows this story for display on their site, it will just play the video on a new page. The popup viewer can be set to any size, but will have to be the same for all!

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