PhD Proposal by Joseph Del Rosario

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    • Thursday November 12, 2020
      9:00 am - 11:00 am
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Summary Sentence: : Cortical circuit mechanisms of visual perception in wildtype and transgenic autism model mice

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Joseph Del Rosario

BME PhD Thesis Proposal


Date:  Nov. 12th, 2020


Time: 9-11am ET


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Meeting ID: 158 678 195


Advisor: Dr. Bilal Haider


Committee Members:

Dr. Peter Wenner

Dr. Annabelle Singer

Dr. Garrett Stanley

Dr. Samuel Sober


Title: Cortical circuit mechanisms of visual perception in wildtype and transgenic autism model mice



Animals use sensory information to make behavioral decisions. This process of sensory-driven behavior (perception) is reliant on coordinated excitatory and inhibitory neural activity acting across numerous cortical areas. Disruptions in coordinated activity can hinder perception and are thought to underlie several neurological disorders, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The relationship of specific excitatory and inhibitory neurons to visual perceptual behaviors remains poorly understood. This proposal will investigate the cortical mechanisms underlying correct and incorrect visual perceptual performance in normal wildtype (WT) mice and a transgenic knockout (KO) mouse model of ASD (CNTNAP2-/-) using electrophysiology and optogenetic manipulations across different cortical visual areas (primary visual cortex – V1, higher visual areas – HVAs). Aim 1 will first determine how heterogenous populations of inhibitory neurons (PV+, SST+) uniquely modulate perception. Aim 2 will leverage knowledge of how V1 activity can permit or hinder perception in normal WT mice, to identify the V1 neural deficits that best explain perceptual impairments well-studied KO mouse model of ASD. Aim 3 will determine the role of HVAs for visual perception in WT and KO mice.

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