July Sport Club of the Month - Women's Basketball


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The Campus Recreation Center (CRC) has over 40 sport clubs that compete intercollegiately. Learn more about this months club of the month, women's basketball! 

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The Campus Recreation Center (CRC) has over 40 sport clubs that compete intercollegiately. Learn more about this months club of the month, women's basketball! 

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Women’s basketball has come a long way since its initial invention in the late 19th century. The sport was only just recently introduced into the Olympics in the late ’90s. It takes an ample amount of strength and training to be successful at this sport. Join us for a conversation with the Georgia Tech club women’s basketball president, Jen Harvey.

When does your season take place and what is your typical schedule? 

Our season takes place in the spring and usually consists of two regional tournaments.  At those regional tournaments, we can qualify for nationals, which we have been able to do for the past four years, including winning the national championship last year. We usually practice three times a week in the fall and spring, with tryouts occurring in November.

Can you tell me about the Women’s Basketball Club?

The women’s club basketball team is a group of girls that love competing and having fun together. Many of us become good friends and we spend time together outside of practice as well.

What are some reasons for joining the Women’s Basketball Club?

The number one reason to join the club basketball team is to get to compete against other schools at a fairly high level. We have a lot of fun, especially when we travel for tournaments, but it’s still a club sport, so we’re there to compete first and foremost.

What advice do you have for people (girls especially) interested in basketball?

If you’re interested in basketball in general, you can always find space up at the CRC to shoot around on your own at any time. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to develop good form and skills, but once you get there it’s a really fun game.

As a member of the team, do you have a favorite memory or experience?

My favorite memory on the team is definitely nationals this past Spring. Not only did we win the National Championship, we also had a very fun time in Wichita celebrating one of our teammates’ birthday.

What was the greatest lesson you've learned from basketball that has helped you succeed in college?

The biggest lessons I’ve learned from basketball have to do with leadership and patience.  This comes in very handy while working on group projects in school. Patience also helps when I have to work through tough problems in school or have to memorize a bunch of information for tests.

What athlete do you admire the most and why?

I don’t have one specific favorite athlete, but my favorites are those who do just as much if not more in their communities as they do in their respective sports.

How can students join the Women’s Basketball Club?

If you are interested in joining the women’s club basketball team, please email gtwcball@gmail.com to get added to the email list.  The practice schedule will be sent out at the start of fall and tryouts will be sometime in November. The more practices attended, the greater the likelihood someone has of making the team come tryouts.



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