Elena Shinohara: Feeling the Rhythm

On top of a sport that is unfamiliar to many

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Biochemistry major Elena Shinohara is also a world-class rhythmic gymnast.

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Biochemistry major Elena Shinohara keeps a disciplined life to maintain her status as a world-class rhythmic gymnast.

  • Elena Shinohara (By Georgia Tech) Elena Shinohara (By Georgia Tech)

For Elena Shinohara, whose mother competed for the Japanese national team, rhythmic gymnastics is in her blood.

But among many Americans the sport is largely unknown.

In a nutshell, rhythmic gymnastics combines dance and acrobatics. Competitors perform jaw-dropping leaps and awe-inspiring throws and catches with multiple implements: a ribbon, a ball, a hoop, and a pair of clubs.

“It’s popular in Eastern Europe and Asia,” explains Elena. “I realize not many people know what it is, but I love it. Most people confuse it with artistic gymnastics with the bars and the beam.”

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School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Sciences

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