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Dave McDowell to Step Down as Director of the Institute for Materials (IMat) News Published Tue, Feb 18, 2020 - 4:34pm John Toon
IRI Intros: 5 Questions with Oliver Brand News Published Mon, Nov 11, 2013 - 6:23am Kirk Englehardt
Reversing Production: Researchers Develop System to Recover and Reuse Electronic Wastes News Published Thu, Oct 17, 2002 - 8:00pm Matthew Nagel
3D-Printed Device Finds ‘Needle in a Haystack’ Cancer Cells by Removing the Hay News Published Tue, Oct 29, 2019 - 11:09am John Toon
GTRI Agile Aperture Antenna Technology is Tested on an Autonomous Ocean Vehicle News Published Tue, Jun 18, 2013 - 10:58am John Toon
Microneedle patch for measles vaccination could be a global game changer News Published Mon, Apr 27, 2015 - 10:52am John Toon
Pollution Doesn’t Change the Rate of Cloud Droplet Formation, Study Shows News Published Sat, Feb 16, 2013 - 1:43pm John Toon
Launching and Building Companies News Published Wed, Nov 12, 2014 - 10:55am Claire Labanz
Instrument Reveals Quartet of Graphene Electron States News Published Mon, Sep 6, 2010 - 8:00pm John Toon
Environmental Test Facility Improves Indoor Air News Published Thu, Mar 9, 2006 - 8:00pm John Toon
Extending Moore’s Law: Epitaxial Graphene Shows Promise for Replacing Silicon in High-Performance Electronics News Published Tue, Nov 4, 2014 - 12:21pm Claire Labanz
Forbes Lists Georgia Tech's ATDC Among World's Top Incubators News Published Mon, Apr 19, 2010 - 8:00pm John Toon
Chemical Octopus Catches Sneaky Cancer Clues, Trace Glycoproteins News Published Fri, May 4, 2018 - 1:15pm Ben Brumfield
Instability in Antarctic Ice Projected to Make Sea Level Rise Rapidly News Published Mon, Jul 8, 2019 - 2:58pm Ben Brumfield
Silver Lining: Productivity Improvements Help Attract Purchaser for Plant Being Closed News Published Mon, Jan 27, 2003 - 8:00pm Matthew Nagel
Moths and Perhaps Other Animals Rely on Precise Timing of Neural Spikes News Published Tue, Dec 17, 2019 - 1:21pm John Toon
Georgia Tech Team Supports Open Architecture Software Standards for Military Avionics News Published Thu, Aug 22, 2013 - 4:43pm John Toon
SAPH-ire Helps Scientists Prioritize Protein Modification Research News Published Sun, Jun 28, 2015 - 1:45pm John Toon
Platinum-Graphene Atomically-thin Fuel Cell Catalysts Show Superior Stability Over Bulk Platinum News Published Wed, Sep 18, 2019 - 10:07am Josh Brown
Project Will Help Protect U.S. Forces by Simulating Hostile UAVs News Published Tue, Apr 9, 2013 - 4:47pm John Toon


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Materials to make copper structures Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 4:16pm John Toon
research Horizons - Origins of Cancer - investigate proteins Image Friday, December 4, 2015 - 11:13am Claire Labanz
The optoclamp system Image Friday, December 4, 2015 - 2:09pm John Toon
Electrical measurements of graphene Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 3:44pm John Toon
Uncalibrated Visual Servoing 3 Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 4:41pm John Toon
Device arrays under study Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 4:13pm John Toon
Tom Fuller fuel cell Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 3:27pm Abby Vogel Robinson
Measuring vehicle emissions Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 3:28pm John Toon
Dose distribution Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 3:28pm John Toon
3-D Simulation Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 4:16pm John Toon
underwater sensor Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 4:17pm John Toon
Hurricane Radiometer14 Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 4:43pm John Toon
ALICE CubeSat Image Friday, December 4, 2015 - 10:43am John Toon
Zhong Lin Wang: Triboelectric nanogenerator Image Friday, December 4, 2015 - 2:12pm John Toon
HeLa cells incubated with nanoparticles Image Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 12:00pm John Toon
Micrograph showing membrane gap Image Thursday, December 3, 2015 - 4:25pm John Toon
Mixed competing cholera bacteria phase separating Image Monday, February 6, 2017 - 4:37pm Ben Brumfield
molten tin reflections Molten tin reflections Image Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 8:13pm John Toon
Mucolipidosis IV sufferer Daniella Image Friday, May 25, 2018 - 11:09am Ben Brumfield
Glaucio Paulino Image Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 10:19am Josh Brown